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We would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support and patronage.

With the management philosophy of "Always be a company contributing to society by offering financial services." JIA Group is striving to enhance its corporate value, focusing on its three main businesses (Operating Lease Business, Renewable Energy Business, and Part out & Conversion Business).

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 that will rage for three years starting in early 2020, many airlines around the world have been forced to continuously and drastically reduce flights. This has been a major headwind for the Group's core business of operating leases for aircraft.

In 2022, as every countries begin to realize the compatibility between preventing the spread of infectious diseases and socioeconomic activities, we have realized the establishment of a strong value chain through dynamic partnerships in order to put JIA Group's business back on a growth trajectory. We are determined to bring these efforts to fruition in 2023.

[Initiatives for building a strong value chain]
(1) Bleriot, a joint venture with the Airbus Group and others, established to facilitate the procurement of leased aircraft, has started smoothly. This has contributed to the expansion of the scale of origination in fiscal year 2022.
(2) JIA Aviation Finance, a joint venture with one of the world's largest funds, etc., established for the purpose of facilitating senior debt financing at the time of aircraft operating lease origination, has started smoothly. This contributed to speeding up the product origination process in fiscal year 2022.

The foundation for expanding our business portfolio is being laid, including Renewable Energy Business, Real Estate Business, and Consulting Businesses, as the pillars of our business following the Operating Lease Business. We will continue to refine our unique service lineup to provide one-stop support for the management issues of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) nationwide, which are JIA Group's main customers.

We sincerely appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement.

Japan Investment   Adviser, Inc.

President and CEO Naoto Shiraiwa