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Japan Investment Adviser Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company")declares the following basic policy in order to cut off relations with groups or individuals who pursue economic gains by using violence, power and fraudulent methods (so-called antisocial forces), and to prevent damage caused by such forces, to develop a system to eliminate antisocial forces, and to take systematic measures under the management.

The representative director and other members of the management team will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of customers and employees, as well as to respond as an organization as a whole to antisocial forces, which are groups or individuals that use violence, force and fraudulent methods to pursue economic benefits.

  1. All management and employees of the Company will respond as an organization as a whole and sever all relationships, including business relationships, with antisocial forces. In addition, in order to contribute to the sound development of the national economy and the protection of investors, the Company will reject unreasonable demands by antisocial forces and make systematic efforts to eliminate antisocial forces.
  2. The Company will take legal action, both civil and criminal, against unreasonable demands by antisocial forces.
  3. The Company will not engage in any backroom dealings, inappropriate or unorthodox transactions, or provide funds to antisocial forces.
  4. That the Company discover any transactions or suspected transactions with antisocial forces, the Company will immediately promote efforts to sever the relationship, take the necessary measures to cancel or terminate the contract, etc., and will not provide any favors or funds.
  5. In preparation for unreasonable demands from antisocial forces, the Company will collaborate with external specialized organizations such as the police authorities, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan, and lawyers.