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Using our unique and extensive network, we provide recruitment services focusing on executives of excellent SME's nationwide, ranging from long-established companies to venture companies.
Japan is facing an unprecedented labor shortage. In particular, SME's that support the backbone of the Japanese economy lack experienced executives who can lead new growth strategies and business successions.
On the other hand, as living for 100 years has become a reality, the number of middle-aged and senior human resources who have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are full of energy is increasing. We play a part in revitalizing the Japanese economy by matching vibrant and attractive workplaces of SME's and middle-aged and senior human resources who wish to continue contributing to society with their knowledge.


with SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies executive personnel Matching

  • Personnel that can be the right-hand man of the companies' owners/presidents and assistants and training personnel for the sons/daughters of the companies' owners/presidents
  • Matching or recommending candidate successor president or personnel for the role of successor president at the time of business succession
  • Business execution officers with experience and knowledge at the management level, such as CFOs and CIOs
  • Management personnel for priority strategic businesses such as overseas businesses

with SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies professional executives Matching

  • Human resources who have excellent internal management skills such as accounting, finance, general affairs, human resources, and legal affairs.
  • Human resources who can streamline management and save labor, such as IT staff
  • Human resources with abundant knowledge, experience, and networks in fields such as sales, production management, and quality control

Matching essential human resources for corporate and organizational restructuring of SME's

  • Introduction of managers of acquired companies, managers dispatched from funds, outside directors, etc.

Services for supporting the reemployment of employees for corporate HR staff

  • Provide vast job information for SME's
  • Support for eliminating employment mismatches when restructuring the business
  • Support of human resources matching that draws out the strengths of employees by considering the right person in the right place



Introducing middle-aged and senior human resources who want to continue contributing to society with the knowledge they have cultivated

Through our extensive network, we have an advantage when it comes to introducing human resources in their 40s to 60s with careers and rich experience in areas including various manufacturers, major financial institutions such as banks, trading companies, and government offices that are looking for second careers.

  • Human resources who want to exert their capabilities in strategy planning and promotion and play a pivotal role in management by utilizing their abundant network and management experience
  • Human resources who want to play an active role in the front lines and train young people using their specialized expertise

Plentiful job vacancy information for vibrant and attractive SME's

We have various job vacancy information for excellent SME's nationwide that are seeking experienced middle-aged and senior executives.

  • Venture companies that envision new growth strategies
  • Long-established companies seeking new management personnel and executive personnel for business succession
  • Companies seeking human resources looking to go back and work at their home towns or work at different locations from where they are residing based on our original job information

Supporting second careers from the standpoint of job seekers

We will continue to communicate closely with job seekers to dispel their concerns when changing jobs.
We listen to job seekers' wishes, draw out their strengths from various perspectives, and help them build their dream careers.

  • Propose new options based on our original job vacancy information that are suitable to the background of job seekers
  • Implement training for job seekers to quickly integrate into the new work environment ("guidelines of working at SME's for people who used to work at large enterprises," etc.)
  • Continue consultations after starting the new job

Consulting with our experts to formulate a recruitment policy

Discuss hiring policies through careful consultations with our veteran staff.

  • List the requirements for human resources to promote bet-the-company business development and various projects at recruiting companies
  • List the requirements for the need for executive personnel related to business succession
  • Content discussion when conducting pre-training for new comers
  • Advice on utilizing employment-related subsidies when hiring personnel aged 60 and over


Cases of introduction of executive personnel

Introduction of executive personnel of SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies

We introduced a person in mid-60s who used to work at a major bank to become the right-hand man of the president of a medical device sales company in 70s.
(Tohoku area)

The company was launching a bet-the-company sales business of equipment imported from Europe. A person with a history of working in Europe was hired after getting along with the owner.

Introduced a person in 60s who used to work at a major electronics manufacturer as a successor executive to the owner and president of a medium-sized construction equipment manufacturer in 80s.
(Metropolitan area)

To promote smooth business succession, we first hired technical executives to establish a system to support relatives of owners who have no management experience.

Introduced a person in 60s who used to work at a government agency to become an outside director of a construction company that is enhancing its governance as it is aiming for listing.
(Metropolitan area)

Introduced a person as its vast knowledge gained through its experience in the government agency and subsequent careers met the client's needs.

Cases of expert personnel recruitment

Introduction of professional executives of SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies

We introduced a person in 40s who used to work at a financial institution as an officer who will lead the reconstruction of the cross-division system of a plywood manufacturing company.
(San'in area)

The person was hired due to its experience of streamlining and rationalizing operations based on IT at the financial institution where the person used to work.

Introduced a person in 60s who used to work at a major electrical equipment manufacturer with rich manufacturing experience to a building parts manufacturer which is trying to improve factory management in Japan and overseas.
(Kansai area)

We introduced an expert with vast experience as a factory manager to be an advisor for factory renovation in Japan and overseas.

Introduced a person in 50s who used to work at an IT consultancy firm for a major bank to a software company with expanding business.
(Metropolitan area)

The person was hired to improve the IT solution business as the person was highly recognized for its financial project management experience.