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As part of various financial solution businesses provided by our company, such as Business Succession Consulting Business, IPO Consulting Business, Private Equity Investment Business, and M&A Advisory Business, we engage in Recruitment Business for executives. Concretely, we offer the following recruitment services to excellent small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Japan, ranging from long-established enterprises to start-up firms.

  • Personnel required for business succession
  • Leading personnel for growing companies, such as CEO, COO, and CFO
  • Personnel required for IPO projects

    With SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies executive personnel Matching

    • Personnel that can be the right-hand man of the companies' owners/presidents and assistants and training personnel for the sons/daughters of the companies' owners/presidents
    • Matching or recommending candidate successor president or personnel for the role of successor president at the time of business succession
    • Business execution officers with experience and knowledge at the management level, such as CFOs and CIOs
    • Management personnel for priority strategic businesses such as overseas businesses

    With SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies professional executives Matching

    • Human resources who have excellent internal management skills such as accounting, finance, general affairs, human resources, and legal affairs.
    • Human resources who can streamline management and save labor, such as IT staff
    • Human resources with abundant knowledge, experience, and networks in fields such as sales, production management, and quality control

    Matching essential human resources for corporate and organizational restructuring of SME's

    • Introduction of managers of acquired companies, managers dispatched from funds, outside directors, etc.

    Services for supporting the reemployment of employees for corporate HR staff

    • Provide vast job information for SME's
    • Support for eliminating employment mismatches when restructuring the business
    • Support of human resources matching that draws out the strengths of employees by considering the right person in the right place


    For hiring enterprises


      Introduction of handpicked candidates who can deal with actual tasks immediately and match the needs of each hiring enterprise

      Our corporate group's forte is the introduction of work-ready candidates with specialized expertise, by utilizing our broad network.
      (Candidates with professional experience from manufacturers, financial institutions such as banks, trade companies, and government offices)


      Consulting for the formulation of a recruitment policy

      We support the formulation of a recruitment policy for each hiring enterprise through conscientious consulting by our veteran staff.


      To support employees in starting work smoothly just after joining a company

      We organize training to allow each newly recruited employee to quickly adapt to the new workplace environment at a hiring company. ("Guide to Work at Small to Medium-sized Enterprises for Former Large Company Employees," etc.)

      For jobseekers


      Provision of an abundance of job vacancy information for executives from dynamic and attractive small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up firms

      We also handle job offers of enterprises who seek personnel willing to relocate to their hometown or the countryside to work, based on our original job vacancy information.


      Conscientious consulting by veteran staff considerate to each job seeker's situation

      In order to dispel worries and concerns regarding career change, we assist job seekers in building their preferred career, by listening to their hope and drawing out their potential from various viewpoints.


      Explanation of guidelines for working at small to medium-sized enterprises and start-up firms to candidates

      We organize training to allow each candidate to quickly adapt to a new working environment ("Guide to Work at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for Former Large Company Employees," etc.). We also continuously provide consultations after the change of occupations.


      Cases of introduction of executive personnel

      Introduction of executive personnel of SME's ranging from long-established companies to venture companies

      [Management Personnel]
      Introduced management personnel as successors to the president of a processed metal products manufacturer

      A management person with extensive experience in business restructuring was recruited to resolve the poor performance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the problem of a lack of successors at once.

      [Personnel from manufacturers]
      Introduced a person who worked at a manufacturer as a successor to the president of a construction equipment manufacturer

      A person with extensive experience was recruited to establish a system to support the owner's family members in order to promote smooth business succession.

      [CEO, COO, and Business Manager]
      Introduced CEO, COO, and business manager as the person who will lead the next generation of an AI venture firm.

      A person was recruited after recognizing a high level of expertise for a cutting-edge AI venture firm funded by major listing companies and university-affiliated institutions.

      [CFO, CTO, and CDO]
      Introduced CFO, CTO, and CDO to logistics venture firms aiming for IPO overseas.

      Excellent personnel was recruited one after another by venture firms that utilize renewable energy and robots to transform Japan's logistics system.