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Our subsidiary JIA Securities offers a broad range of financial instruments and services. We give appropriate advice to each of novice investors and veteran investors who conduct mid/long-term investment, to help them grow their treasured assets.



So that every customer will be satisfied, we give appropriate advice about spot or margin trading of domestic stocks. We also meet the needs for diversification of assets and deal with the trading of stocks in attractive markets of the U.S. and emerging countries with high growth potential and profitability.


We handle domestic bonds as financial instruments suited for mid/long-term investment. We also handle a variety of bonds denominated in foreign currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, euro, and Mexican peso, to meet the needs for diversified investment. We support customers in developing a portfolio suited for their respective purposes.

Investment trust

We have a diverse lineup of financial instruments tailored for customers' purposes, including those for diversified investment with small funds.

Index futures and options

We handle the trading of derivatives, including Nikkei 225 futures and Nikkei 225 options, while focusing on the fluctuations in Nikkei Index.


We offer customized financial services according to customers' requests, including private placement bonds, structured bonds, and funds.



To face each customer and help them protect and grow their precious assets

We directly listen to the voice of each customer face to face as much as possible, and provide easy-to-understand and meticulous financial consulting services. We customize high-quality financial instruments and services for each customer.


Diverse lineup of financial instruments and services

We handle a wide array of stocks, bonds, investment trusts, etc. We offer financial consulting services for the effective use of assets, the improvement in asset management performance, and risk hedging suited for the trends of markets and customer needs.


Sufficient capability of gathering information

Based on the JIA Group's capability of gleaning financial information, we provide timely information released from global markets and market analysis information.


Provision of various financial services

By orchestrating the financial skills of the JIA Group, we provide SME's with enriched financial services including the procurement and utilization of funds, such as financing with corporate bonds and equities, M&A, liquidation and securitization of receivables.