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We provide IPO (Initial Public Offering) consulting services to excellent SME's aiming for IPO.
In addition, our company has acquired the J-Advisor *2 qualification for "TOKYO PRO Market *1," a stock market for professional investors managed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As a "J-Advisor," we will support you in passing the screening for getting listed in the TOKYO PRO Market, disclosing information after listing, and completing financial procedures.


We will identify issues to be solved for passing the screening and discuss solutions to them, for listing on TSE's main market. We will help create business plans as well as plans for fund procurement, for sustainable corporate value creation after listing.

As J-Advisors, we review companies hoping to be listed on the TOKYO PRO Market on behalf of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

As J-Advisors, we assist companies in the disclosure of information as well as financial procedures after listing on the TOKYO PRO Market.

We will assist you in the acquisition of resources necessary for listing. (such as the introduction of key human resources, such as CFOs, and the selection of audit firms)



We leverage our corporate group's comprehensive capabilities, to support flexible strategy-building according to circumstances such as M&A and finance through private equity investments, in addition to IPO.


We will make it possible to acquire human resources that match our clients' needs, which we evaluate through our consulting services in cooperation with our recruitment business.


We provide IR service and tool advice that meets the company's needs through the IR advisory service of our subsidiary Nihon Securities Journal.

*1 What is the TOKYO PRO Market?
It is a market with more flexible listing criteria and disclosure system exclusively for professional investors.

Features of the TOKYO PRO Market
Market for Professional Investors: By limiting investors to "professional investors (such as specified investors and non-residents)," we have achieved highly flexible listing criteria and disclosure system.
Flexible Listing System:
  • There are no numerical criteria for listing, such as the number of shareholders or profits.
  • A J-Advisor certified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange determines whether a company is eligible to be listed.
  • Reduction of the Burden of Preparation for Listing: Audit certification for one year/term would suffice for listing and quarterly disclosures and applications of the internal control reporting system are optional.
    Careful Professional Support: In addition to listing assistance by J-Advisors who are familiar with the TOKYO PRO Market, assistance for disclosure after listing is also provided.

    Possible Utilization of the TOKYO PRO Market:
    As the first step for listing your company on TSE's main market To establish a system as a listed company before listing on TSE's main market.
    Securing outstanding human resources To increase your credibility and recognition as a listed company and secure outstanding human resources.
    As a means of maintaining each owner's shareholding ratio and implementing flexible capital policies To get listed while maintaining each owner's current shareholding ratio while discussing flexible capital policies.
    Preparing for smooth business succession: To prepare optimally for business succession by disclosing financial information, establishing an internal control system, etc.

    *2 What is a J-Advisor?
    J-Advisors review companies hoping to be listed on the TOKYO PRO Market on behalf of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, based on the certification by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After listing, they will also assist them with information disclosure and financial procedures.

    ※For details on the TOKYO PRO Market, please refer to the Tokyo Stock Exchange's website.(https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/equities/products/tpm/index.html)



    Listed in 2024