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The JIA Group creates, sells and manages financial instruments, operates a private-equity investment business, and provides various advisory services, under our management philosophy of "Always be a company contributing to society by offering financial services."

Since its establishment in 2006, the JIA Group has provided unique financial solution services that utilize our financial strength to support our client companies' self-protection and value enhancement.

In today's society, with its various social issues, it is not easy to achieve sustainable growth. Each company and its human resources must take initiatives and execute strategies to attain it. We believe that seeking additional solid financial capabilities is essential to achieve sustainable growth. The difference in financial capabilities can greatly impact the success or failure of a business in various aspects such as financing, asset management, asset protection, and risk hedging. We are like a sprinkle of spicy seasoning. Taking each client company's perspective, we introduce financial instruments that are really useful and provide advisory services for strategy execution.

There are many vibrant and energetic SME's all over Japan. Many of them also have tremendous potential. Our mission is to use our financial capabilities to draw out the hidden potential of SME's that support the Japanese economy and support their business continuity.

In an ever-changing economic environment, our group companies will work together and create a vibrant economy and society with our various stakeholders.

Japan Investment Adviser Co., Ltd.

President and CEO Naoto Shiraiwa