About Japan Investment Adviser

When was the Company established?

The Company was established in September,2006.

About Stock

What is the Company's stock code?

The Company's stock code is 7172. The category is "Securities and Commodity Futures Trading".

What is the minimum trading unit for JIA stock?

The minimum trading unit for JIA stock is 100 shares.

When was the Company's stock listed? And where?

The Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 11, 2014.
The First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 8, 2020.
The Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 4, 2022.

When is the general meeting of shareholders?

The Company plan for a March meeting each year. Details are provided on "IR SCHEDULE"

About Dividend and Share Benefit Program

Do you tell me about dividend policy?

Returning profits to shareholders is one of our highest priorities and we also place great importance on our policy for dividends. The basic policy for the distribution of surplus is to pay dividends in consideration of the balance between performance-linked and stable dividends, while securing the necessary internal reserves for future business development and strengthening our financial base.

Please refer to "Dividend Policy" for the actual dividend.

Do you have a shareholder benefit program?

We have introduced a shareholder benefit program to thank our shareholders for their daily support and to increase the attractiveness of investing in our company's stocks so that they will hold our company's stocks over the medium to long term. In details refer to Dividend Policy.

When will I receive my shareholder benefit program?

For shareholders of record at the end of December, shareholder incentives are scheduled to be sent out at the end of March of the following year (after the annual general meeting of shareholders).

About Financial Information

When is the end of the Company's fiscal year?

The Company's fiscal year-end is December 31.

When is the next earnings release?

Please refer to the "IR SCHEDULE" section of this website for details.

  • Financial Results for Q1 will be announced on late Apr.
  • Financial Results for Q2 will be announced on late Jul.
  • Financial Results for Q3 will be announced on late Oct.
  • Financial Results for Q4 will be announced on early Feb.

Details are provided on "IR SCHEDULE"

How can I get the latest financial results information?
How can I get earnings forecast?
How am I able to find financial information and reports of the Company past ?