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We started developing and operating solar power plants in 2014. As of December 2023, we are operating 25 power plants nationwide, with a total power generation output (solar cell base) of 71.3 MW.
We established and sold the first solar power generation business fund in 2014. By the end of December 2023, it sold 23 solar power generation business funds of 13.5 billion yen.
We have a well-balanced range of members in both the financial and technical fields who develop and operate our high-performance solar power plants and manage funds.
We provide consultation services for power sales contracts based on solar power purchase agreements (PPA) (both on-site and off-site), the installation of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment for private consumption, and new power sources such as wood biomass.


We offer investment property introduction and business management support services that meet the needs of corporations that want to start a solar power generation business.

Establishing and selling solar power generation business funds for institutional investors and superior SME's

* Our Subsidiary, JP Lease Products & Services Co., Ltd., is in charge of our solar power generation business.

We purchase existing solar power plants and use them for all of the above purposes.

Consulting on the operation of solar power plants



Our achievements in the solar power generation business, from the development of 25 solar power plants nationwide to operating them.

List of solar power plants


The financial know-how, such as the various financing methods.


The ability to form funds based on our abundant achievements and experience in the operating lease business centered on aircrafts.

* The subsidiary JP Lease Products & Services is in charge of the business.

Solar Power Business Fund Structure


Japan Map
Capacity Number of plants
KANTO 11.0MW 7 plants
TOHOKU 37.1MW 6 plants
CHUBU 8.5MW 4 plants
KINKI 3.6MW 2 plants
CHUGOKU 5.7MW 3 plants
SIKOKU 3.4MW 2 plants
KYUSHU 2.0MW 1 plants
TOTAL 71.3MW 25 plants
KANTO11.0MW/7 plants

Sakura City, Koiri

address Sakura city Tochigi Prefecture
Capacity 2.33MW
Operation commencement 2014/11

Nagatoro Shooting Range

address Nagatoro town Chichibu gun Saitama Prefecture
Capacity 1.34MW
Operation commencement 2015/3

Kimitsu City, Tozaki

address Kimitsu city Chiba Prefecture
Capacity 1.21MW
Operation commencement 2015/3

Nikko City, Koutoku

address Nikko city Tochigi Prefecture
Capacity 2.11MW
Operation commencement 2015/6

Tochigi City, Akama

address Tochigi city Tochigi Prefecture
Capacity 0.73MW
Operation commencement 2015/12

Nasu City, Takaku

address Nasu town Nasu gun Tochigi Prefecture
Capacity 2.21MW
Operation commencement 2015/3

Tochigi City, Ota

address Tochigi city Tochigi Prefecture
Capacity 1.05MW
Operation commencement 2016/3
TOHOKU37.1MW/6 plants

Hirata Village, Kitakata NO.1

address Hirata village ishikawa gun Fukushima Prefecture
Capacity 0.99MW
Operation commencement 2015/3

Hirata Village, Kitakata NO.2

address Hirata village ishikawa gun Fukushima Prefecture
Capacity 1.00MW
Operation commencement 2015/12

Osato Town, Ishinade

address Osato town kurokawa gun Miyagi Prefecture
Capacity 2.42MW
Operation commencement 2016/3

Osato Town, Chofukujiyama

address Osato town kurokawa gun Miyagi Prefecture
Capacity 2.75MW
Operation commencement 2019/8

MinamiAizu Town, Okubo

address Minamiaizu town minamiaizu gun Fukushia Prefecture
Capacity 15.01MW
Operation commencement 2020/9

Osaki Town, Sanbongi

address osaki city Miyagi Prefecture
Capacity 14.95MW
Operation commencement 2020/11
CHUBU8.5MW/4 plants

Noto Town, Hanyu

address Noto town hosu gun Ishikawa Prefecture
Capacity 1.53MW
Operation commencement 2016/12

Gotenba City, Kamiyama A

address Gotenba city Sizuoka Prefecture
Capacity 2.34MW
Operation commencement 2017/3

Gotenba City, Kamiyama B

address Gotenba city Sizuoka Prefecture
Capacity 2.44MW
Operation commencement 2017/3

Fukui Ciyu, Tobu-cho

address fukui city Fukui Prefecture
Capacity 2.20MW
Operation commencement 2018/6
KINKI3.6MW/2 plants

Minabe Town, Higashihonjo

address Minabe town hidaka gun Wakayama Prefecture
Capacity 1.14MW
Operation commencement 2014/5

Shima City, Agama

address Shima city Mie Prefecture
Capacity 2.43MW
Operation commencement 2017/12
CHUGOKU5.7MW/3 plants

Shimonoseki City, Toyota-cho

address Shimonoseki city Yamaguchi Prefecture
Capacity 1.19MW
Operation commencement 2016/3

Yonago City, Fukuman A

address Yonago sity Tottori Prefecture
Capacity 2.18MW
Operation commencement 2016/11

Yonago City, Fukuman B

address Yonago sity Tottori Prefecture
Capacity 2.30MW
Operation commencement 2017/3
SIKOKU3.4MW/ 2 plants

Shimanto City, Enomura

address Shimanto city Kochi Prefecture
Capacity 1.86MW
Operation commencement 2015/11

Tosashimizu City, Urashiri

address Tosashimizu city Kochi Prefecture
Capacity 1.58MW
Operation commencement 2016/3
KYUSHU2.0MW/ 1 plant

Arita Town, Kamihon

address Arita town nishimatsuura gun Saga Prefecture
Capacity 2.00MW
Operation commencement 2013/7

Solar Power Business Fund Structure

Solar Power Business Fund Structure