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Our subsidiary Nihon Securities Journal publishes "Nihon Securities Journal" and the website "Nihon Securities Journal Digital." Nihon Securities Journal, which is the only national newspaper specializing in securities and finance, has the longest history in Japan and has existed since before the establishment of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Since its inception in 1944, it has been widely read by individual investors, institutional investors, securities companies and their branches, exchanges and securities organizations, and listed companies nationwide.


Publishing the national newspaper "Nihon Securities Journal" and the website "Nihon Securities Journal Digital"

As a shareholder benefit, the company provides IR support tools for listed companies, such as distributing "Nihon Securities Journal Digital" subscriptions.

The company sells books such as "Sakata Goho wa Furin Kazan," which was published 50 years ago, and an exceptional long seller in Kabutocho that explains the famous secret candlesticks trading strategy "Sakata tactics".

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A wealth news focusing on stocks and the foreign exchange market.(For NSJ Digital Member)

You can follow up with the real-time news of the market prices, and you can unlimitedly read the Nihon Securities Journal issues going back to January 1, 2014, at a flat rate. Focusing on the market information that changes every day, the company delivers news that condenses the stories and topics collected by reporters. In addition to scoop articles, the company provides useful information on investments such as hot topics in the stock market, commentary on trends, and management interviews.

Nihon Securities Jounal Digital

High-performance stock chart tools.(For NSJ Digital Member)

Technical chart

Various charts since 1988 that are indispensable for market analysis are available. Through an intuitive configuration screen, you can use analytical tools such as "the trend identification indicators" that allow you to analyze the direction of the stock prices, which include "moving average line" that allows you to freely change the period, "Ichimoku Kinko Hyo," "Bollinger Bands," and "Parabolic indicator" as well as "the oscillator indicators" that analyze strength and weakness based on market price changes such as "RSI," "MACD" and "Stochastics." Also, you can use indicators that are not time-based such as "Shin Ne Ashi," "Kagi Chart," and "P&F." It can be easily used as a way to practice for beginners of technical analysis investment.

Technical chart

our stock price chart in the technical chart here. can be seen. (Japanese Only)

Reaction chart

The chart of target stocks has the news delivery time of the target company, and the news and stock price movement are mapped so they can be analyzed on the same screen.

Reaction chart

our stock price chart in the reaction chart here. can be seen. (Japanese Only)


Sufficient IPO company information.(For NSJ Digital Member)

The IPO company information section, which summarizes IPO companies in chronological order in an easy-to-understand manner, has a sufficient amount of information for investors who want to know about which stocks to target in their primary offering and which to target in their secondary offering.

  1. "Introduction of new listings" to understand the company profiles
  2. "Book Bill Daisakusen" and "IPO Diagnosis," which forecast initial offerings based on market capital absorption and popularity trends
  3. "IPO President's Press Conference" after listing
  4. Follow-up coverage articles one year after listing "highlighting stocks one year after listing"

In addition, "NSJ IPO Information Center," which is an independent project, delivers commentary videos focusing on IPO information, one of Nihon Securities Journal's strengths.

Delivered every Friday evening

NSJ headlines

The company provides market information centered on the Nihon Securities Journal articles, which incorporate data and know-how accumulated over many years since its inception in 1944. On Friday evening, the company reviews this week's market and information related to the market focusing on the next week's outlook.

Irregular delivery

NSJ IPO Information Center

Nihon Securities Journal delivers information focusing on their strength, IPO. Based on IPO trends, market capital absorption, and popularity trends, the company tells you the initial price outlook and the stocks you can aim for in the secondary offering. IPO Information Center's director, an apple, and his assistant, a banana, will explain the information to you in an easy-to-understand and fun way.


NSJ Library.(For NSJ Digital Member)

Launched in June 2020, NSJ Library is an archive website that summarizes content such as articles, reports, and videos for each "noteworthy company."As all listed companies are shifting to video-based financial results briefings, the company will increase the lineup of target companies gradually in the future.

  • NSJ Library
  • NSJ Library noteworthy Company